Measuring Sales Skills with Assessments

One of the key questions about sales people is…

Can the Sales Person Sell Against Good Competition?

This question lead to the design and use of the Sales Skills Index. This assessment tool accurately measures the level of sales skills a sales person possesses – thus, giving an indication of sales talent and ability to compete against anyone.

The data provided by the Sales Skills Index assessment can be used to provide answers to additional questions or assist in guiding the right decisions in basic functional areas –  hiring and selection, coaching sales talent, designing developmental plans for sales, selecting the right sales training program for the sales team or individuals, and finally it can tell you the overall sales model being used by your sales team on your customers and prospects.

When you are using a sales skills assessment test with your sales team members, you will learn how knowledgeable each sales person is relative to seven functional areas – like prospecting skills – and an overall measurement. Reviewing the seven functional scores gives you information about the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team. Remember, the sales skills test gives you answers before the sales person makes mistakes in the field – costing a sale or an account.

When sales managers and executives are feeling the heat from below quota numbers, you must ask the question -Can My Sales Team Sell against Good Competition -or provide a sales skills test to know about your sales team as a group or individuals sales skills. When you have definitive data you can make real decisions that will get the best results and payback of your time and energy.

The Sales Skills Index assessment has earned it’s position as a practical, real world tool for measuring sales people’s ability to sell successfully against the competition. There is no ivory tower or complex theories to figure out. The data is clear and shows the knowledge level and understanding of sales skills for each sales person who takes this assessment.

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